Jim Caldwell graduated from Williams College in 1964 and the Yale School of Architecture in 1969. He designed and built his first house 44 years ago; since then, He has completed over 50 residential projects, including 30 new houses, including his own house (Fox Hollow) in Woodside, which won an AIA design award and appeared in Architectural Record Houses. It was subsequently published internationally. He has designed residences in Woodside, Palo Alto, Atherton, Hillsborough, Los Altos, and Portola Valley, as well as Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Santa Cruz, and Carmel.

As a Landscape painter (www.jimcaldwellart.com), Jim brings a certain extra artistic sensibility to his Architectural Projects.

PARTIAL LIST OF RESIDENTIAL CLIENTS 7.18 (0ver 40 new structures)

Vernon & Elizabeth Anderson New House Los Altos (2)
Jim Barnett New House Woodside  
Carl & Emily Bouthillette New House Woodside  
Tom & Michele Byers New House Palo Alto  
Brook & Sean Byers   Woodside  
Caldwell House New House Woodside  
James Caldwell New House Menlo Park  
Craig & Patty Carlson New House Los Altos  
William & Ginger Crowell New House Woodside  
James Coonan   Woodside  
Bartley and Ditty Deamer   San Francisco  
Harold & MaryJoe Feeney   Los Altos (2)
Wendy Ferrari New House Woodside  
Michael Fields New House Aptos  
Ann Friedman   Woodside (2)
Howard & Rosaland Fisher   Woodside (2)
Reed & Marge Funsten New House Aptos  
Bob & Gretchen Gardner New House Sonoma  
Mike & Emily Goldberg New House Woodside  
Dick & Gretchen Grant   Berkeley  
Tom & Susie Griffith New House Woodside  
Sandra Griswold New House Carmel  
Bill & Merrilee Harris New Accessory Bldgs. Woodside (3)
Teri Hausman New House Woodside  
Keith Herbert New House Woodside  
Alan & Jeanne Herzig   Woodside (3)
Robin & Jeanne Hood New House Aptos  
David & Pamela Hildebrandt New House Woodside (2)
Gary & Sonja Hirsch New Accessory Bldgs. Woodside  
John & Renee Huhs New House Woodside  
Fritz & Anne Kasten New Accessory Bldgs. Woodside  
Dennis & Susie King   Woodside (2)
Min Kwaan New House Palo Alto (2)
  New House Atherton  
Jack & Francia Lindon New House Wadsworth, Ill. (2)
Andy & Becky Logan New House Woodside  
Jim & Eileen Ludwig New House Woodside  
Harry & Claudia Marshall New House Woodside  
Frank & Phyllis Martin-Vegue New House Santa Rosa  
Pat & Susie McBaine New Accessory Bldgs. Woodside  
Peter and Edna O'Hara   San Francisco  
Christopher Redlich New House Hillsborough  
Christopher & Sarah Redlich New House Carmel  
Christopher & Jeanne Redlich New House Aptos  
Rodger & Diane Rickard   Woodside  
Mark & Sarah Rosati   Woodside  
Andy & Leslie Schilling New House Woodside  
John and Lynn Simpson   Woodside (5)
Ralph & Marilyn Spiegl New House Portola Valley  
Isaac & Maddy Stein New House Atherton  
Linus & Jen Upson New House Woodside (2)
  New House Woodside  
Linus & Jen Upson New House Woodside (2)
Henry Upton New House Lake Tahoe (2)
Tanner & Marge Wilson New House Aptos  
Henry & Abby Wilder   Woodside  

number in ( ) indicates more than one project.